Personal Information

Hi, My Name is David. I am looking to work on fun projects with cool companies. I'm a CG Generalist, mainly working with Houdini, with comprehensive knowledge in all areas of Digital Art Production. With an eye on Details I possess in-depth knowledge and experience in Procedural Content Creation. My background is in Graphic Design and I'm also familiar with UX Design. I am eager to learn new skills and can adapt to new techniques within a short time. I am currently available for new Projects.

Current Focus: Houdini Scenery Generation, Heightfield Terrain Tools, City Tools, Building Generators, General Houdini Procedural Tools

David Fuhrer

Know How:

CG: Strong Fundamental CG Skills, Physical Based Shading & Rendering, Procedural Content, Shaders & 2D Procedural Texturing, Problem Solving, Classical Background in Art and Design, Layout
OS: Linux/RHEL, mainly centOS 6, redhat and Fedora (Comfortable with Managing Data, Simple Scripting and Batch Processing), Windows, MacOS, Bash Scripting Installation of Networks & Workstation for CG Production.


Professional Level: HoudiniFX, Mantra, Photoshop
Intermediate: Substance Designer/Painter, Unity3D, Marvelous Designer
Basics: zBrush, Modo, Nuke, Fusion, Pixar Renderman, Mari, Maxon Cinema4D
Renderfarms: Gridmarkets (Mantra)
Other Software I used or still use: Krita, Blender, Natron, Redshift, Arnold, Illustrator, Davinci Resolve, Maxwell Render,
Scripting: VEX/VOP, Bash, Python Basics, HScript


Professional: Procedural Tools for Production, General Procedural Content, Solving Problems, Rendering&Lightning, Texturing, Look Dev, RnD
Personal: Computer History, CG History, Astronomy, Digital Art, 80s & 90s Stuff, MSX Computers,  Movies and Games in general, Retro Games, Arcade, and

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