Houdini Model Factory

Research I have made for an upcoming Project, generating Procedural Models.


Tree Bark:


Here is a fully procedural tree trunk with procedural generated textures:treebark-1-final

Its a tube, extruded, Fractured, Deleting random Fractures on each edge and some in the middle. Converting to OpenVDB for combining all the geo and  smoothing. Convert back to High Res Poly, Adding Fine Displacement Swirl Noise with Point VOP.

After that its just basic remesh to Low Poly, Baking Normals and Textures from the High-res to Low-res. The texture is based on Slope, Position and the Normals. Very basic stuff but efficient. We can even take this in zBrush for more finer details and Add more texture refinment in Substance Painter.

modelfactory_treebark_h15 modelfactory_treebark_7 modelfactory_treebark_6 modelfactory_treebark_5 modelfactory_treebark_4









Bushes and Trees:

bushgenerator bush1proceduralbush-4