mb Decorator

This HDA can place unlimited amount of assets on Quads very Quickly with different Control and Output options. Started as a simple HDA for Placing Windows on Facades the Tool has grown into something very flexible that can also place Buildings or any other type of geometry. Built in are all features needed to cover all needs of fitting one object into a quad without any limitations. It reads Objects out of a subnet which makes it easy to place 100 of different props within seconds and can output a point cloud which can then be used in other Software.


Props can be art directed with a unique attribute @pID to Control which assets gets placed where.


This Tool can place any props from Windows, Greebles, Nurnies. It can also be used to place Building Assets.
The Tool can also output Point Clouds which can be imported to Maya and has many other functionality.
Calculation for scales and orientation per Quad happens in a compiled for each loop so the HDA is fully Multithreaded.


Features List:
– Fully Procedural
– Place any Object on a Quad
– Unlimited amount of Props can be placed
– Attribute ID based Art Direction to Control multiple Props
– Accepts @zscale as Depth scales with Instancing.
– Set Based Instancing
– No Limitations. Used and Tested in Production Environment for Feature Film, Commercial.
– Point Cloud Export with @pID and @scale, @N, @up Vectors for Import with nParticles
– Fully Multithreaded


Here is a small Demo: