mbPost-It HDA

A Houdini Digital Asset that allows to spread Post it Notes over a grid

It has 3 different types of spreading. Including a few White Papers and 3 different Types of Post its. UVs are generated on the fly and UDIM attribute and old school Random Texture attributes can be written. It makes more sense to use UDIM these days. Advantage are the support in Viewport of Houdini. So each Note can have its own UDIM patch or each type can be grouped into UDIM Patches.


The Artist has Full Access to all Settings including Noises to generate randomness. In combination with a procedural Alpha mask that will make spreading of notes more natural.


The Artist has also access to a noise mixer, giving fine refinements in randomness and making it easy to control.


This was made with Alan Warburton who came up with the Idea.

Production and Writing of Tool by me.